Our Mission:

Everyone Deserves Sex Ed (EDSE) believes that everyone deserves affordable access to accurate, unbiased, and LGBTQIA+ inclusive sex, love and relationships education. Our goal is to make this important information available and accessible to as many communities as possible, from professionals seeking continued education to parents eager to build the skills and confidence to talk to their kids about sex.

Our Services:

EDSE provides a range of education-based services, and educators are trauma-informed, inclusive, and LGBTQIA+ friendly. Looking for something not listed below? Contact us and let us know what you need!


EDSE offers a 25-hour certification for anyone looking to jump-start their sex education career, supplement their current knowledge, or add a credential to their resume.


EDSE provides a variety of workshops that cover some of the most timely subjects, including gender, consent, safer sex, sexual orientation, relationship dynamics, & more.


Having “The Talk” doesn’t have to feel terrifying, and EDSE can help. Build comfort and confidence in important sexuality topics — and learn to answer complicated questions in accessible ways.


Looking for professional development that counts toward your education, or can be completed in the comfort of your home? EDSE offers individual modules to supplement and complement your current knowledge.


“Accurate sex education paves the way for empowerment,
personal growth, and
healthy decision-making.”

anne hodder-shipp  |  founder & lead educator


Who is EDSE?

Everyone Deserves Sex Education (EDSE) was founded by Anne Hodder-Shipp, ACS, (she/her pronouns) with the goal of creating an accessible space dedicated to providing accurate, compassionate, and queer-inclusive sex education. Whether you’re a sex educator to-be, a parent preparing for “the talk,” or a professional looking for continued education, Anne’s mission is to provide a safe, supported and friendly space in which clients can learn, grow, and get closer to their personal and professional goals.

A cum laude graduate of the Roy H. Park School of Communications at Ithaca College, Anne’s journalism and sociology studies inspired a unique perspective of the public eye, which led her to work as a journalist before entering the world of sex education. Anne received her first certification and endorsement in 2014 by the renowned San Francisco Sex Information program and continued her training in 2015 via the American College of Sexologists International and Planned Parenthood Los Angeles’s School Based Sex Education Program, where she honed a special skill for working with adolescents.

Though EDSE is headquartered in the heart of Los Angeles, Anne and her team are committed to connecting potential clients with trained sex educators and practitioners across the country. If you’re in need of in-person support outside of the Los Angeles area, Anne and EDSE will help find you someone who’ll be the right fit for your needs. Contact us today.


Meet Anne

She’s the sex educator you wish you’d had in
high school.


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Anne is adept at facilitating classroom discussion, leading group activities, and answering anonymous questions with accuracy and sensitivity. With the curriculum, she encourages students to think critically and ask questions, in an effort to encourage new and alternative perspectives. She demonstrates strong oral communication skills in the classroom. She is able to use current, real life examples to help illustrate concepts for students. Anne serves as a resource for students, utilizing various communication techniques to convey key health education messages.
— Michelle Horejs, MPH, CHES; Director of Training, Planned Parenthood Los Angeles
Anne is easy to talk to and offers a well-rounded perspective on topics that aren’t always touched on in conventional sex ed sessions. I appreciate her use of humor and personal anecdotes to help build trust and rapport, and her positive energy helps keep the conversation going — especially when discussing difficult or uncomfortable subject matter. She makes complex ideas accessible and is clear in her commitment to valuing and highlighting diversity in sexuality.
— Tristan Taormino, award-winning author, educator, and filmmaker
Anne’s breadth of knowledge in the world of sex education is second to none and she has an enviable ability to meet her audience at their level and adjust her teaching style accordingly. And she makes sex-ed accessible for everyone, from high school students to seniors, in a way that’s inclusive, informative and fun. I appreciate the knowledge, compassion and genuine demeanor that Anne brings to her clients and she has been a pleasure to work with, both as a colleague and a friend.
— Elle Chase, ACS; sex educator, author, Director of Education at Los Angeles Academy of Sex
Anne has been a wonderful addition to our dual-diagnosis program. She is someone who truly listens to individual client needs and incorporates accordingly into her healthy sexuality groups. Her compassionate nature and wise mind provides a safe environment that nurtures growth and change. Anne provides education with an open dialogue and has the most cutting edge and current information to provide to clients. Anne also tackles the ‘taboo’ issues head on in a comfortable and non-shaming way. Anne’s style and approach is second to none.
— Linsay Helmick, LMFT; Clinical Director, Silicon Beach Treatment Center