As of November 2018, only 24 states and the District of Columbia mandate sex education in schools, and only 13 of those 24 require that the curricula be medically accurate. That means a majority of kids have been left to their own devices to navigate the complicated and confusing corners of their sexuality — with lots of trial and, sadly, lots of error.

At EDSE, we believe that access to accurate sex ed and sexual health information fuels empowerment and healthy decision-making, and if we don’t offer it to our kids and teens, they’re going to search for it themselves.

We work with all age groups, from preschool to high school, and our programming is age-appropriate with topics and content adjusted according to the age group we’re speaking to.

Some of the key subjects we discuss:

  • What is sexuality?

  • Getting to know our bodies

  • Boundaries, consent & respecting “no”

  • Feelings & value systems

  • Body image & self-esteem

  • Gender roles & expectations

  • Hygiene & puberty (elementary school level)

  • Social media literacy (elementary and junior/high school level)

  • Sexually transmitted infection prevention & treatment (junior/high school level)

  • Pregnancy & birth control (junior/high school level)

  • Sexual anatomy & hygiene (junior/high school level)

  • Relationship rights & responsibilities (junior/high school level)

  • Navigating online pornography (high school level)

EDSE wants to give kids and young adults the support and information they need and deserve – something many of us lacked when we were growing up.

EDSE can host a private gathering in the comfort of your own home or work one-on-one with you and your child for a personalized approach. Let us customize a package that best suits your needs — and your budget.


EDSE educators are trauma-informed, inclusive, and LGBTQIA+ friendly.

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